Precision Medicine Laboratory is the service laboratory of the Competence Centre on Health Technologies. The laboratory is located at Tiigi 61B, 50410, Tartu, Estonia

Phone: +372 733 0403

E-mail: niptify[@]


Kaarel KrjutškovPhD     CEO


Scientist and inventor in the field of molecular engineering. Kaarel has a PhD from the University of Tartu in molecular diagnostics and has worked at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden and the University of Helsinki in Finland. He is the manager of the Precision Medicine Laboratory and is responsible for the tests being state-of-the-art and reliable.


Siiri SatsNIPTIFY Representative


Siiri’s task is to make sure that your experience as a NIPTIFY client is as smooth and pleasant as possible. She is a Nurse, currently working on a Master’s Degree in Nursing Science from the University of Tartu.


Kadri Rekker
PhD     Chief Specialist 

Kadri is responsible for the analysis and results of your NIPTIFY tests in the Precision Medicine Laboratory. She has a PhD in Reproductive Medicine from the University of Tartu. Kadri has years of experience in laboratory work with  the NIPT method.


Neeme Tõnisson

M.D, PhD, Med Lab Doctor

Neeme is a medical doctor and scientist, who is specialised in laboratory medicine and medical genetics. He has worked at Deutsches Krebsforschngszentrum (DKFZ), Heidelberg, Germany. Currently, he is working in the Department of Genetics at United Laboratories of Tartu University Hospital as a clinical geneticist. Neeme is the Med Lab Doctor in CCHT.


Andres Salumets, PhD    Member of Board

Andres is a professor in reproductive medicine and has a PhD from the University of Helsinki. Currently, he is working at the University of Tartu, he heads the team in CCHT and he is a visiting professor at the University of Helsinki. Andres is an active scientist, has published more than 130 scientific articles and takes part in several international collaboration projects. Professor Salumets is one of the leading scientists in reproductive medicine in the Baltics and Scandinavia.